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Official Portal of Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development 

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First and foremost, allow me to express my utmost gratitude to those who have visited our website.  We really appreciate your presence and welcome you to our Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development (abbreviated as PBI).

I would like to share with you pertaining to the roles of PBI.  For your information, PBI is a centre in UMK that specialises in offering university courses in the fields of human sciences and languages.  Our focus is to strengthen English language as a second language among our students as well as offering third languages as an additional benefit for them.

PBI places special focus on equipping students with the proficiency in Malay language, English language, and third languages. These will enable them to communicate across cultures and gain the skills necessary to interact with different cultures and thus, establish strong relationships with people around the world.  This is in line with the aim of harnessing their soft skills in realising the nation’s inspiration of producing a holistic new generation with very highly developed soft skills that can substantially contribute to the prosperity of the nation.

As a centre that places more emphasis on community engagement, we hope to expand our wings locally and globally in promoting the discipline of cross cultural learning and community engagement. We are also keen to promote intercultural communication as a way to bring people of different cultures to work together in mutually beneficial ways.

I hope that the information provided in this website will give you a crystal clear explanation about our centre.  Any comments and opinions are very much welcomed as we are indeed concern about and place high priority on your feedback because we strongly believe that everyone should has easy access to all kinds of information in this cyber world.

Last but not least, I would like to again express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to those who have visited our website.  All opinions and comments will be taken into consideration and will be acted upon wisely.

We promise you that we will do our level best since you are our stakeholders in achieving global prosperity and specifically making Malaysia a developed and prosperous nation.

Thank you.


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