Universiti Malaysia Kelantan


Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development (PBI) is one of the earliest centres established during the commencement of UMK. PBI is a centre designed to equip students in terms of language skills and soft skills in line with the vision and mission of the university which emphasizes the development of high-quality human capital.  PBI is responsible for providing services that focus on the mastery of language and human capital development which will be of great value to every UMK student.

PBI consists of three (3) departments:

i)  Department of Human Sciences

ii) Department of Third Language

iii) Department of English Language

Currently PBI operates in three different campuses: UMK Bachok, City Campus and Jeli campus.

PBI's first administrative office was located at UMK City Campus since 2007 until it was moved to Bachok Campus in 2012. In 2012, PBI's administrative office and academic staff rooms were located on the 1st Floor of the Academic and Administrative Building (BAP).

In June 2017, the new PBI building was completed at UMK Bachok Campus. July 2017 marks the new phase of PBI after 10 years following the relocation of PBI administration office and PBI academic staff rooms to the new building. 

PBI now has a total of 100 staff (81 active and 28 inactive). There are 91 academic staff and 9 administrative staff. 


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