PBI Organises Research Methodology Workshop

From 11-12 October 2020, the Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development has organised a research methodology workshop for it's teaching staff. Due to the new normal, the workshop was conducted online via the Google Meet platform. The workshop was divided into two slots, on two different days. The first day was conducted by Prof. Dr. Suria Baba and the focus of the slot was on the basic methodology for qualitative research. The workshop on the second day was conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Salman with the focus on quantitative research methodology. 

The online workshop was blessed with a massive attendance by participants not just from the Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development, but also participants from outside Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. The number of participants as of the second day of the workshop reached 100 people. As previous workshops on research methodology were normally delivered by invited speakers, this time around, the Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development utilised the expertise of its own staff, and from the number of the participants involved, it turned out to be a success.