PBI Embraces New Semester via Online Teaching and Learning

Due to new normal, all higher learning institutions in Malaysia including Universiti Malaysia Kelantan and the Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development (PBI) have taken the measure to move from physical interaction to online classes. For PBI, the shift towards online teaching and learning comes with a historic achievement, as PBI recently received its new family members, the first batch of the Bachelor of Business Communication with English students, who began this semester as their first semester.

Although the classes have to be done online, it does not make the excitement any lesser as the students are highly motivated and participative. The lessons are going to be conducted via Google Meet platform throughout the semester, and the tasks and assessments are going to be delivered using UMK's own Learning Management Platform (LMS), the eCampus.

Having a platform where everything is captured in one space does not only make it easy for students to access information, but it also minimises the need to post or link information from external sources. It also provides a secure platform for online assessments. The eCampus also integrates tools such as Turnitin to maintain academic integrity.

Additionally, a key feature of having a the eCampus is its monitoring and analytics. Beyond attendance, the real-time features of an established system allow teachers to identify who is logged in to live lessons, the frequency of students having to re-login, as well as student engagement during the online lesson and participation in other online activities.

As online learning becomes the new normal for most institutions globally, UMK and PBI will never be left behind as they are putting in place steps to ensure that students receive an enriching and secure learning experience.