Welcoming Delegates from Muadzam Shah Polytechnic to UMK

On 25 October 2020, PBI received a visit from the Department of General Studies, Muadzam Shah Polytechnic (PMS), Pahang for the Benchmarking Visit of General and Compulsory University Courses. The PMS delegation of 6 people was led by En. Mohd. Shahkri b. Jusoh, Head of PMS General Studies Department and Ustaz Mohd Taha b. Rulam Ahmad, Chairman of PMS Islamic Centre. The arrival of this delegation was welcomed by PBI Management Members and administrative staff. This meeting session was also attended by the Director of the UMK Islamic Centre and his team. The discussion for almost 2 hours touched on a number of issues including the implementation of general university courses especially the new Ethics and Civilization Appreciation course introduced by the Department of Higher Education, MOHE to be implemented in Public Universities, IPTS and Polytechnics. In addition, the partnership between the two parties also revolves around English language courses, online teaching and learning methods as well as assessment methods. UMK Islamic Centre also shared about programs and activities implemented throughout 2020 to increase religious awareness and appreciation among UMK students and staff. The meeting session ended with several resolutions in the form of follow-up actions that will be implemented to strengthen this cooperation.