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Ahad, 15 Februari 2015 00:00

English Drama Night

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English Drama Nights

The Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development (PBI) runs an event to encourage the use of English for every semester. We call this event “Step Forward and Step Up” – SFSU.

SFSU began in January 2010 with a week of English competitions; the focus was changed in February 2012 to UMK students teaching English to primary school children. This semester PBI took up the challenge of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic and International Affairs to involve the students in an entrepreneurial activity.

All first year students were made compulsory to participate in SFSU this semester by writing and performing a 15 minute drama as part of their English course. The best drama from each group was selected to be performed in campus English Drama Nights. A student committee was formed and they were given the task to hold a campus English Drama Night. From this point the students ran the whole activities, including advertising and promotion, printing tickets, ticket sales, inviting staff, logistics, arranging technical aspects, co-ordinating the performances, and arranging MCs.

English drama nights took place from 22 – 24 April at Dewan Serbaguna in Jeli Campus, 25 to 27 April at Dewan Terbuka Keusahawanan in City Campus and 28 and 29 April at the open foyer in Bachok Campus.

There were 25 drama presentations over three nights at City Campus. More than 300 students participated with ticket sale of around RM 1200. The students also managed to generate some money from the sale of refreshments. The students made an overall profit of RM550.

On the other hand, the audiences in Jeli Campus over the three nights ranged from 200 to 500 people. The students contributed to a fund and used the money to buy badges, food and prizes; which they made a total profit of RM118.

All five year students in Bachok campus were made compulsory to attend the event thus contributing about 400 audience each night. The students gained profits from selling foods, drinks and gifts during the drama performance. The sale generated about RM1400 of income and each group made about RM150 – 200 in profit.

The grand finale of the drama performance was held at Bachok campus with guests of honour Prof. Madya Abdul Aziz Bin Ab Latif, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs,   Prof. Dr. Abu Hassan Bin Hasbullah, Dean of the Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage and Prof Farok Bin Zakaria, the Director of the Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development. In this event the Vice Chancellor’s Challenge Trophy for the Best English Drama was awarded to the FTKW group which performed “The Hurt.”

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