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Ahad, 15 Februari 2015 00:00


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Social Entreprise  and Economic Development (SEED)

SEED is an abbreviation of Social Entreprise for Economic Development which is an international programme aimed at changing the mind set of the villagers through social enterprise venture.  This programme is one of the initiative under the Asean Learning Network Council  (ANLC) which started in Bandung in 2008.  The ALNC is a Non Governmental Organization that had embarked  and initiated many programmes related to cross cultural learning in different contextual especially in Social Entrepreneurships. 

ANLC members had  unanimously agreed to work together to foster good relationship among ASEAN universities in various programmes.  The SEED programme was the product of the Social Entrepreneurship sifu from St. Gallen University, Switzerland that is Professor Dr. Chong Li Choy.  Professor Dr. Chong and his counterparts Bapak Surna Djaja Djajaningrat from School of Business Management of Institut Teknologi Bandung started the First SEED programme in Cisondari, Indonesia which was later on extended to the second and third SEED programme in Garut, Indonesia.  After witnessing the success of SEED in Indonesia, the programme spread it arms to Universiti Malaysia Kelantan through the its various SEED programmes. 

The SEED programme aims at achieving these learning objectives:     

  • Learning to learn cross-culturally and to work in inter-cultural, multinational teams in a new and unique environment
  • Socially Responsible and Responsive Leaders who are able to empathize with people from less privileged backgrounds (including subordinates and the poor) and hence able respect the rights and interests of all legitimate stakeholders
  • Transformational Leaders who are able to transform their people, their organisations and their society to achieve prosperity and economic development
  •  Entrepreneurial and Creative Leaders who are capable of integrating and applying their multiple knowledge to useful purpose

Social Entreprise and Economic Development is a voluntary programme which supports the fifth thrust of UMK’s Strategic area.  This programme stresses on the inculcation of volunteerism in line with social entrepreneurship.  This programme is offered to all UMK students from semester one to semester eight.   It is an additional learning for students who are interested in working with the society.  In this course, students will be given the chance to apply what they have learned in their respective courses into the real world.  The practical aspects of what they have acquired in the theory will be tested and put into real actions in this course.  First SEED programme in UMK had been implemented in the district of Tumpat from the 21 July 2010 to 2 August 2010.

The second SEED programme was implemented at the same vicinity from the 12th July to 26th July 2011

The third SEED programme was executed at the Indigenous peoples village ( The Temiar Clan)  at Kuala Betis, Southern Kelantan from 31 August to 13 September 2012.

A series of follow up programme was organised to observe the development occurred in various projects implemented.

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